Peace and Social Justice

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Intergenerational Conference Program-April 4, 2022


PSJ Report February


2021 International Day of Peace Celebration:


Principal MacFarland’s voice in response to the murder of George Floyd

Thank you for helping me find my voice and I encourage and honor all of you for continuing to speak your truth.

Mayor Kenney and Dr. Tom Farley press conference – March 31, 2020

Mayor Kenney discusses gun violence and the prosecution of Philadelphians for unauthorized guns.  Dr. Farley discusses the spread of the coronavirus, specifically mentioning the spread in the African-American community.

MSNBC video on President Trump referring to “China” Virus

News report from Bloomberg News about President Trump referring to the Coronavirus as “Chinese”

Trump reverses on “China” virus

Activities to respond with Peace and Justice for All


Imagination and the Arts


Social Justice