Parkway NW HS for Peace & Social Justice – not just a school, we’re a family.

Strong student achievement happens when there is a strong partnership between schools, students, and families.  We are excited about the strengthening relationships within our school community and look forward to seeing this continue on behalf of our students.

We need volunteers at our school for many activities, fundraisers, events, and field trips.  If you are interested in volunteering, please refer to the volunteer packet below to fill out the required paperwork for volunteering.  The process takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is free for volunteers.  Thanks in advance!

SDP Volunteer Packet

Please read more about how we hope to engage parents and family here:

Parent and Family Engagement Policy

The school and family compact for this year guides the partnership between our school and our families.  Please read over this document below to help understand what we are trying to achieve in tandem with families:

PSJ School-Parent Compact