Our students are why we are here.  They bring life to our school, passion to our classrooms, and energy to all of our activities.  As a school, we seek to help guide our students towards realizing their academic and personal goals and know we are doing well when our students are the ones taking the lead.

The class of 2019 senior newsletter can be found here:

2019 Senior Newsletter

Check out the Youth Service America website for project ideas and information about current youth leadership opportunities:

Recent examples of student leadership at PSJ include:

– The creation of the Push for Peace anti-violence coalition

– Young Activist Planning group taking the lead on the April 4th day devoted to the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

– Successful fall sports season led by our boys contributing to the Martin Luther King football team

– Student-designed bookplate art decorations for the dedication of our new library, the Frison Center for Peace!