PSJ Nurse Corner

School Nurse: Ms. Regina Wallace, RN, BSN
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8am-2pm

Telephone # 215-400-4290

Please Note:

  • All NEW and INCOMING students must submit a copy of their immunization record during school registration, please refer to the vaccination requirements in the blue section.
  • All NEW and INCOMING students will need a physical examination form (MEH-1) completed by their doctor for the current school year.
  • All INCOMING Grade 11 students must have a Physical Exam form completed by their doctor and receive the required Meningococcal vaccine dose #2.
  • All PSJ students will need an updated student health form (S-865) completed by parent or guardian every year.
  • All students on medication while in school will need the medication form (MED-1) completed by the doctor yearly.

Family Resources:

CVS Clinic Flyer

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