Our School

The Parkway Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice has a proud heritage as part of the historic Parkway Program in Philadelphia (see sidebar) and as a school focusing on the unique mission of helping our students become leaders for peace and social justice.

The first part of our mission is to build Parkway Northwest into the strongest school it can be.  To do this, we are focusing on building student engagement both in the classroom and outside of the classroom as well.  We build engagement through teaching practices that require students to dive into their learning and by providing real choices for our students to make regarding their courses and extracurricular programs.  Our goal is to for every student in our school develop a strong connection to their school both in class and beyond.

The second part of our mission is to strengthen the connection between the school, our students, and our focus on peace and social justice.  Our students are our strength.  There is nothing better than seeing our students learn about issues in school and then choosing to do something about it out of school.  All of our students complete a senior project based on a peace or social justice topic and must complete 120 hours of community service to graduate.  We are proud of our students’ efforts and look forward to helping students in the future continue to develop their talents for building peace and tackling social justice issues.